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The Church Board and Pastors invite you to consider giving to two ministries this Easter: to Canadian Baptist Ministries to support churches in Ukraine, providing help to those who have become homeless because of the war; and to one of our CBWC churches, Emmanuel Iranian Church, Coquitlam, who is reaching immigrants for Jesus and expect to baptize 200 people soon. Please mark your donation “Special Easter Offering” if you wish to support these two ministries. Thank you.


這個復活節,執事會和牧師邀請你來支持兩個特別奉獻。支持加拿大浸信宣教聯會在烏克蘭支持的教會,幫助因戰爭而無家可歸的人。和加西浸信會在高貴林的以馬內利伊朗教會,他們接待許多移民,很快地將為200人施洗。如你願支持這兩個事工,請在你的奉獻上註明 “Special Easter Offering” 謝謝。