Donations, Tithes, and Offerings  捐款和十一奉獻

Thank you so much for your continued generosity with regular offerings during this time. We have 3 giving options: 謝謝你在此時仍持續慷慨地捐款,以下是捐款的三個選項:

1. Mail or deliver a cheque to the church office  (no cash thank you). Trinity Baptist Church, 1460 West 49th Ave, Vancouver, BC. V6M 2R5 郵寄或親送支票到上面教會地址(請勿寄現金)

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2. Autodeposit e-Transfer 電子匯款自動轉帳 E-Transfer is secure and confidential. Tithes and offerings go directly into Trinity’s RBC account. Please contact our church office for details. 安全,保密,捐款直接存入教會銀行帳戶,詳情請洽辦公室  

Now available:

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3.CanadaHelps 網上奉獻-擊點網站連結

Go to TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH, | Charity Profile | Donate Online | Canadahelps

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