Sunday School

It is our delight to help children meet Jesus and learn how the Bible points us to Him. Sunday school classes are available for children up to Grade 8 during 11AM Sunday Worship Service. Nursery care is provided for the youngest children. Children are encourage to worship with their families during the beginning of 11AM worship service in the main sanctuary. Around 20 minutes into the service, we call the kids up to the front to pray for them and dismiss them to their classes. At this time, parents are asked to register any children who are new to our Sunday school. Our Sunday school registration desk is near the main parking lot entrance, and our teachers and staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. After the 11AM worship service finishes, parents are asked to return quickly to pick up their children, and then join us all for the fellowship and refreshments in the gym. We trust that the entire morning will be an encouragement to your whole family.  

Please speak with our Sunday School staff at the registration table if you have any questions or concerns.  Our Pastor of Children and Families is Pastor Alvin.  

Please note that during Summer break, Sunday school is only available for children up to age 6. Children's worksheets focused on Bible lessons are available for older children who stay in the sanctuary.

敬拜開始的時候,請所有的人包括孩子們都到大堂。當敬拜進行到大約20分鐘之後,我們會先邀請孩子們到臺前,並為他們禱告。 之后,[9 點半的第一堂]: 幼儿园到七年级的孩子們可以参加 小朋友圣经团契, 一起学习。 【11 點的第二堂】 1 到 8 年級的孩子們由兒童主日學的老师们领到各个班级。主日學簽到的地方靠近大停車場的入口。教會的嬰兒看護也在附近。请家長或監護人在聚会结束后到各個課堂去接孩子並簽退。有任何問題,歡迎您到簽到處,也可联系 Pastor Alvin (儿童及家庭事工牧师)。