We’re happy for our facility to be a blessing to the community, and we invite you to contact our church office if you’re interested in having your wedding here. Below are our guidelines:


If a Trinity Baptist Pastor is to officiate, we request a minimum of four months notice.

Day of Wedding: Weddings can only be conducted on selected Saturdays. Please check availability with the church office.

Marriage Preparation Classes: are required. These may be provided by the Officiating Pastor, or by an approved outside counselling service.

The Wedding Rehearsal: usually takes place from 7 to 8 p.m. on the Thursday prior to the wedding. It would be greatly appreciated all participants arrive on time since only one hour is made available for this purpose. The sound system operator will be present at the rehearsal.

Time of Decoration & Wedding: Four consecutive hours are allotted for your wedding. This includes decorating, the wedding ceremony, pictures, and for removing wedding decorations. Unfortunately, decorations can’t be put in the sanctuary prior to wedding date, as the sanctuary has to accommodate other events.

We ask that the premises are vacated by 4:30 p.m the latest.

Fees are as follows

* The use of the Sanctuary (for four consecutive hours on the wedding day) is $800.

* The use of the Chapel for small weddings (for four consecutive hours on the wedding day) is $350.

* The honorarium for the Custodian/Sound System Operator is $150 and is required for all weddings.

All fees are due one month prior to your wedding day.


How many people can the sanctuary seat:   250

Number of pews (rows) in the sanctuary: 16 (left) plus 15 (right) = total 31 pews.

Can we use the PowerPoint Projection equipment? Unfortunately, no.

Are we allowed to decorate the church on the day/night prior to the wedding?   Unfortunately, no.

Is there space for a reception? Unfortunately, no.

Is there a dressing/changing room for the bride? Unfortunately, no.

Can we bring our own pastor? Yes. Church information of the pastor will be needed. It is also subject to the approval of our Senior Pastor.

Are we allowed to use the furniture in the sanctuary? Yes. The furniture MAY be moved, but it has to be discussed with the custodian in advance.



Decorations in the church sanctuary should be confined to flower bouquets and pew bows. Please make arrangements to have your decorations removed shortly after the ceremony.

The length of our aisle: 52 ft. The width of our aisle: 5 ft.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated:

– No confetti or rice inside or outside the church building.

– No streamers or balloons.

– Nothing is to be nailed or taped to the walls or to the cross.

– No PowerPoint Projection.

– No reception. (No food, no drink, no water, no bottled water)

– The piano, drums, and communion table may not be moved under any circumstances.

– No items may be removed from the pews, including the Bibles, hymnals, etc.

We hope that the above information will help to make your wedding day a joyful and memorable experience.

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact the Church Office at

Tel: 604-266-6238 or email: [email protected]