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Please download the “7 @ 7 . 4 . 7”: A Week of Prayer for the Global Pandemic

請下“7 @ 7 . 4 . 7”: 為全球疫情禱告週

The Pastors invite you to join a special prayer initiative we are calling [email protected] Beginning on Saturday, May 15 and ending 7 days later we call everyone in the church to pray for SEVEN minutes at SEVEN o’clock for SEVEN days – [email protected] Our prayers will focus on countries and communities suffering severely because of COVID. Pastor Lee will provide daily prayer guides. No matter where you are, what you are doing, or who you are with, please take 7 minutes at 7 PM for 7 days to pray.

As part of this prayer initiative, we invite you to start the week by joining the One Great Hour of Prayer on Saturday, May 15, at 10.00 am in English or Mandarin. And we invite you to join the One Great Hour of Prayer at the end of the week on Saturday, May 22, at 10.00 am in English or Mandarin. Zoom login details are available from the church office.

牧師們邀請你一起來參加[email protected]特別禱告會。 5月15週六開始,7天后結束。我們邀請大家一起7天7點7分鐘。我們的禱告將專注於一些因疫情受苦的國家或社區。Lee牧師會準備一些指引。無論你在忙甚麼,7天7點禱告7分鐘。我們也邀請你在5月15和22日和參加我們的禱告會,日後將有詳細線上登錄資訊