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NOW - it’s time to talk about our 2nd of 3 planned outreach activities.  And for this 2nd activity - we actually have two directions to go in!  We would like to turn our focus to support people who live in the Downtown East Side as well as the victims of multiple hurricanes in the Philippines.  Essentially we would like to provide warm clothing for people here, and lighter clothing for people in the Philippines to suit the weather differences.  We are also looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of shipping to the Philippines. 

I would ask that you direct the donations to the Cedars - located at 6570 Granville St - next to the Church.  You can contact James Smith or Nieves Reyes through the church office to make drop off arrangements!

接著我們的外展事工是針對溫東和菲律賓因颱風受難的家庭。因氣候的不同,冬天的衣物會捐給溫東,而其他輕簡的衣物則會寄到菲律賓。我們也期望你能支持寄到菲律賓運費的花費。 請將捐出的衣物直接拿到Cedars-6570 Granville St - 緊鄰教會旁邊的房子。你可以聯繫James Smith ,Nieves Reyes 或辦公室。 最後收集日是12月18日,大約還有一個月。