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Operation Baby Bottle is an annual fundraiser in support of your local Crisis Pregnancy Centre.


1) Pick up a bottle from your church on or after Mother’s Day.  

2) Fill the bottle with spare change, bills or cheques. Pray with us.  

3) Return your bottle to your church on or before Father’s Day.   *Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $20.


A practical way for you to help women and teen girls facing an unplanned pregnancy, or grief after an abortion.


Words of gratitude from our clients

“Thank you so much for all your support in receiving our child. May the Lord bless your efforts and generosity. Deeply grateful!”

“I appreciated you listening to me and finding out about my
situation a lot. I felt very comfortable and understood. Thank you!”

“I feel better because I could talk with someone and they could help me.”



Pick up a baby bottle today. Thank you!

(for more information contact Richard Hao, or visit Welcome Center in the gym)



Operation Baby Bottle Campaign 是「溫哥華意外懷孕關懷中心」 一年一度的籌款活動。  


1) 領取奶瓶:在母親節當天,向教會活動負責人領取籌款用的嬰兒奶瓶。

2) 收集捐獻:於活動期間,將捐獻(零錢、紙幣或支票)放入奶瓶內。並可按所提供的代禱事項為中心的事工禱告。

3) 歸還奶瓶:在父親節之前或當天,將盛滿捐獻的奶瓶交回教會收集。 *$20以上的捐款,可獲發退稅收條。









請今天就帶一個空奶瓶回家。 谢谢!

如果需要更多讯息,请到体育室的 歡迎中心 或者和 Richard Hao 联系。