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Trinity Baptist Church is a multi-ethnic, evangelical congregation in Vancouver, part of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. Trinity Baptist is looking for an individual to assist in leadership, co-ordination, and care of our children’s ministry and of young parents and families. The successful applicant will have a caring heart, be passionate about forming and nurturing relationships with children, the ability to develop and nurture a team of volunteers, and relate well to people of all ages.

Please download the position posting for more details. If you are interested to apply, please forward your resume and other documents you consider relevant to: David Forrester, Chair, Church Board.

The ministry profile is also available on the Church Bulletin Board (located on hall way across from the nursery).

三一浸信教會需要一位負責兒童及家庭事工方面的同工,資格,工作内容, 以及如何申请,請參考教會佈告欄。歡迎查看公佈告欄上其他重要資訊。