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Oswald Chambers was a pastor and evangelist, born in Scotland in 1874. He was influenced by the Holiness Movement, a movement emphasizing a second work of grace, sometimes called the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holiness Movement believed Christians could live a victorious Christian life, free from sin, fully sanctified by the Holy Spirit. The focus is on living a pure and holy life now. This teaching is traced back to John and Charles Wesley and forms the doctrinal foundation for several Christian groups today, including The Nazarene Church, the Methodist or Wesleyan denominations, Pentecostals, and some Baptists.

In 1915, Oswald Chambers went to Egypt as a chaplain to Australian and New Zealand soldiers in the First World War. The emphasis on holiness in his preaching resulted in many soldiers attending his Bible studies.

The story is told how a soldier confronted him and said, “I can’t stand religious people.” Oswald Chambers replied, “Neither can I.” He knew that religion could do nothing, only trusting in the death and resurrection of Jesus can bring a person into relationship with God.

Sadly, Oswald Chambers died from a haemorrhage on November 15, 1917, exactly 105 years ago yesterday. He is buried in Cairo, Egypt.

In 1924, his wife Gertrude, who had taken hundreds of pages of notes from his sermons, published 365 selections as a daily devotion. This daily devotion is one of the most popular ever written. It has never been out of print. It has been translated into more than 39 languages. Many of us have used it or referred to it. It is called, My Utmost for His Highest. Each devotion is an encouragement to believers to live holy lives, to live for Jesus.

Today’s devotion in My Utmost for His Highest is from 1 Corinthians 10:31. This verse says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” Oswald Chambers reminds us that the glory of God is all that matters. We do not need to be noticed in what we do or how we live – only the glory of God in us should be seen. This is the way of holiness. Will it be true of us today? I pray so.

視頻大意翻譯(Brief video Chinese translation):

Oswald Chambers 是個牧師和傳道人,1974年出生在蘇格蘭。他別受到聖潔運動的影響,這個運動特別強調恩典的第二項工作,有人稱為聖靈的洗,取自五旬節的神學。聖潔運動相信基督徒可以過得勝的生活,遠離罪惡,被聖靈完全洗淨。結果就是,專注過純潔聖潔的生活。這個教導可回溯到約翰和查爾斯衛斯理,併購成了今天今天基督徒團體教義的基礎,包括拿撒勒教會、為理工或衛斯理宗派,五旬節和一些浸信會的宗派。

1915年Oswald Chambers以作為在一次世界大戰中澳洲和紐西蘭的牧師的身分去了埃及。他在講道中強調聖潔,這讓很多的士兵參加了他的查經。其中一個士兵分享了一段他和牧師的對話, 他說”我無法忍受宗教人士”,Oswald 回答說”我也不能”。他知道宗教做不了甚麼事情,唯有相信死和復活的耶穌才能使人和神建立關係。不幸的,Oswald 在1917年11月15日因大出血過世,距離昨天正好105年。他被埋在埃及的開羅。

1924年他的太太從他的講道中選出了上百頁,出版了365篇作為每日靈修材料。這本每日靈修被列為是有史以來最受歡迎的書之一。從未絕版過。今天,這本書被翻譯成39種語言,我們當中許多人讀過它或稱它為” 竭誠為主”。每一篇靈修內容都是鼓勵信徒要過聖潔的生活,為耶穌而活。


” 所以你們或喫或喝、無論作甚麼、都要為榮耀 神而行。”

Oswald 提醒我們神的榮耀是最重要的。我們不需要讓人注意到我們做了甚麼事或我們如何生活-只有神在我們身上的榮耀應被注意到。這就是聖潔之路。今天我們能做到這一點麼? 我如此禱告。


Grace and peace
Pastor Callum