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Today’s devotional is the last until mid-August. I am grateful for a few weeks’ vacation. I am especially grateful to you for your participation in these devotions.

Last week, I changed the tires on my car. My winter tires were nearing the end of their life, so I kept them on during Spring. Now it was time to replace them with four all-season tires and rims I already had.

Those of us who have changed tires know the routine. Gather the necessary tools: the jack, sockets, lug nuts, torsion wrench, and of course the replacement tires. Place the jack under the car to take the weight. Slightly undo the lug nuts. Raise the car. Remove the lug nuts. Remove the wheel. Position the new wheel. Line-up the lug nuts. Screw them finger tight. Tighten them so that the wheel sits flat against the drum. Lower the car. Repeat the process three times.

Today I invite us to return to the basics of our devotional life. Like the practice of changing car tires, we develop routines for deepening our walk with Jesus. The tools are different, of course: we don’t use wrenches, sockets, or car jacks. We deepen our walk with Jesus through prayer, the study of Scripture, fellowship with other Christians, worship, remembering what God has done, sharing Christ with others, leaning on the promises of God, confessing our sin, being generous, exercising the gifts God has given us, expecting and anticipating the coming again of Jesus, and, above all, displaying the way of the cross and the power of the resurrection.

Consider 1 Thessalonians 1:8. Paul writes that the faith of the Christians in Thessalonica had become known everywhere. Their lives had become examples of Christlikeness. So, Paul says, “we do not need to say anything about it.”

It’s amazing, isn’t it? These Christians were growing in their devotion and there was nothing more to say. They had come to faith in Jesus and had been so wonderfully transformed that it was natural and inevitable that they apply the basics of devotion in their lives. And there was nothing more that could be said!

This summer let’s make it our goal to deepen our lives for Jesus. Let’s remain faithful in the basics, as I’ve listed them. Let’s keep the routines of these spiritual disciplines. Let’s remember the “tools” God has given us. And may our lives become such glorious displays of Christlikeness that all that people can say is “Wow! There’s nothing more to be said! These Christians shine with the very presence of Jesus.”

It was time to replace the tires. It’s time to grow in our walk with Jesus. There’s nothing more to be said.

Thanks for being part of these devotions. May you know the blessing of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit this summer.

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為了幫助我們,思想帖撒羅尼迦前書1:8。保羅寫道,帖撒羅尼迦基督徒的信仰已經廣為人知,他們的生命已經成為基督樣式的榜樣。所以,保羅說,“不用我們說甚麼話。” 想一想,這太神奇了,不是嗎?這些基督徒的虔誠與日俱增,沒有什麼可說的了。他們信了耶穌,並被奇妙地改變了,他們在生活中應用這樣的委身奉獻是自然和不可避免的。沒有什麼可說的了!

今年夏天,讓我們把為耶穌深化我們的生命作為我們的目標。讓我們忠實於根基,正如我列出的那些。讓我們保持這些屬靈操練的例行公事。讓我們記住神賜給我們的 “工具”。因此,願我們的生命成為基督樣式榮耀的展示,以至於人們所能做的或說就是:”哇!沒什麼好說的了!這些基督徒因耶穌的同在而發光。”




Grace and peace

Pastor Callum