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In Matthew 16:18, Jesus declares that he will build his church and the powers of evil and darkness will never overcome the church. It’s a glorious statement, giving us assurance and confidence. The church that calls Jesus “Lord” is held by him, strengthened by him, filled with his presence, and built by him.

Just before Jesus utters these words, he asks his disciples who they think he is. Simon Peter, the leading disciple, instantly responds: “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” “Absolutely right, Peter,” Jesus replies. And then Jesus makes it very clear that Peter’s reply is not something he thought up or decided; his reply is the revelation of God. Jesus is the Son of God, the exact representation of God, the incarnate Word who was with God and is God.

Jesus then says to Simon, “You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church.” Peter’s divinely inspired declaration about Jesus becomes the foundation, the blueprint, the structure, the solid ground for who the church is and why the church can never be overcome.

Jesus builds his church. He graciously and purposefully links each believer together for his glory, he equips each believer with gifts to serve his Kingdom purposes, he sends us as his church into this world on his mission, he brings us from diverse backgrounds into unity under his Lordship that we may praise his name. And, as Ephesians 2:21-22 say, “In him the whole building – the church – is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.”

Jesus builds his church. Jesus builds his church on the solid foundation of the truth about who he is. Jesus builds his church and no power against it can stand.

As a follower of Jesus who has made the same declaration as Simon Peter, you are part of the church. You have been chosen by Jesus, called by him. Today, whatever your circumstances or situation, rejoice that together we are the church of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are built together, perhaps not unlike a Lego set.

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毫無疑問,你知道就在耶穌說這些話之前,問門徒們認為是誰。領頭的門徒西門彼得立即回應說:“你是彌賽亞,是永生神的兒子”, “絕對正確,彼得”耶穌回答。然後耶穌非常清楚地表明,彼得的回答不是彼得他想出來的或決定的;他的回答是神的啟示。耶穌是神的兒子,是神的代表,道成肉身的道與神同在,就是神。

耶穌對西門說:“你是彼得,我要把我的教會建造在這磐石上。” 彼得得到神啟示關於耶穌的宣告,成為教會的根基、藍圖、結構和堅固基礎,也是為什麼教會永不被戰勝的原因。

耶穌建造了的教會。有恩典且有目的地將每個信徒為了的榮耀而聯繫在一起,用恩賜裝備每個信徒來服事王國的目的,差遣我們成為的教會進入這個世界,完成的使命,帶領我們來自不同背景的人在掌管下合一,我們因而可以讚美的名。而且,正如以弗所書221-22所說“各房靠祂聯絡得合式、漸漸成為主的聖殿。你們也靠祂同被建造成為 神藉着聖靈居住的所在。




Grace and peace

Pastor Callum