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Last week, we had a wonderful Kids’ Bible Adventure Week. The theme was “Conquering challenges with God's mighty power.” One hundred and five children had registered. There were over forty volunteers.

During the week, we discovered five promises about God’s power. We began with God has the power to provide. This was the story of Elijah and how God provided water from a brook and food from ravens. On Tuesday, we discovered that God has the power to comfort. God met with Elijah on Mount Horeb in 1 Kings 19.

On Wednesday, we learned about Naaman in 2 Kings 5. God healed Naaman because he has the power to heal. On Thursday, we discovered how Peter denied Christ and how Jesus forgives. Through Jesus’ death on the cross for our sin, God can forgive us. The theme was God has the power to forgive.

Then on Friday, we learned how God is going to take us into his presence eternally, where there will be the new heavens and the new earth Jesus will come back for us and we can be with him forever. The theme was God has the power to love us forever.

These five themes spoke to all of us.

During the week, we took video and photographs. I'd like to share this video review with you. As we watch it, let's pray for these children and for ourselves, remembering as we did on Thursday from Nehemiah 9:17 that “You, Lord, are a forgiving God.” 

Please enjoy this video review once again and take time to pray for the children and for all of us, using these five about God: God has the power to provide, to comfort, to heal, to forgive, and to love us forever.

May the Lord be with you today. Thank you.

視頻大意翻譯(video Chinese translation):





上星期,我們拍了許多的短片和照片,我現在想和你分享。當我們看的時候,讓我們為每一個孩子,也為我們自己禱告。就如星期四尼希米記9:17所說的” 你是樂意饒恕人的神” 。

請再一次享受這影片,並用神的五個能力: 神有供應、安慰、醫治、饒恕、和永遠愛我們的大能來花些時間為這些孩子和我們大家禱告。


Grace and peace

Pastor Callum