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They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to 
fellowship, to the breaking of breadand to prayer.

Come and join us this Fall on Fridays at Trinity. We are calling 
this ‘Acts 2:42 Night’. Come and learn more about Jesus. The 
whole family is welcome. 這個秋季周五晚上歡迎全家一起來參
加”使徒行傳 2:42之夜”來認識耶穌。
Things to do做甚麼:
Youth Activity青年活動
Kids Activity 孩童活動
Mandarin Alpha國語啟發課程
Mandarin First-Year classes, New Life and New Living
國語第一年課程: 新生命及新生活課程
6-7 PM Dinner 6-7點晚餐
7-9 PM Different Group Activities開始不同活動
lease ask Pastor Doris for more details and to register.