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We value all children at Trinity, whether they have been coming for a long time or here for the first time. Children matter to God and they matter to us. We know your children will have a wonderful time at Trinity learning about Jesus, discovering the Bible, and enjoying laughter and games together. We welcome you.

We begin our services all together in the main sanctuary. Families are encouraged to worship together in the main sanctuary. About 20 minutes into each worship service, we invite the children forward to pray for them.

At our 9.30 service children remain with their families throughout the service. We provide colouring pages for preschoolers and activity sheets for children able to read and write. A basket of crayons, colouring pages, and activity sheets are available on the entrance side table in the foyer, before entering the sanctuary. Children and their families are welcome to pick these up on their way in.

At our 11.00 service, children in Grades 1-8 are invited to participate in Sunday School Classes. Our Sunday School registration is located near the main parking lot entrance. Nursery care for preschoolers is also available in this area. Children must be picked up by parents or guardians from their classes after the service and signed out. Please speak with our Sunday School staff at the registration table if you have any questions or concerns.



9 點半的第一堂,請家長們帶著孩子全程坐在一起。大堂入口處小桌子上,準備了一些彩色筆和圖畫紙。孩子們可以讀和玩一些紙上故事和遊戲,歡迎家長們在進大堂之前索取。

11 點的第二堂敬拜,為 1 到 8 年級的孩子們設有兒童主日學。孩童簽到的地方靠近大停車場的入口。教會的嬰兒看護也在附近。唯有家長或監護人才能到各個課堂去接孩子並簽退。如果您有任何問題,歡迎您到簽到處,向主日學志工們諮詢。