Callum Jones
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Here's my latest Greeting.

And there are additional videos: in Mandarin and in English. Thank you to those who sent short reflections on our study book "What On Earth Am I Here For?"


還有其他普通話和英語的視頻。感謝弟兄姐妹對讀了“What On Earth Am I Here For? 書後送上他們的反思。

These can be viewed on YouTube here:

English is at 英語的視頻

Mandarin is at 普通話視頻

Another in Mandarin is at 另一個普通話視頻

Please stay in touch and let us know how you are.

And don't forget, we want to show brief video greetings this Sunday, Easter Sunday. If you can, please send a short greeting "Christ is Risen" or a just one or two words answering the question, "What difference does Easter make in your life?" Thanks so much.

And above all, please stay in touch and let's keep seeking the Lord.




Many blessings 

Pastor Callum (Senior Pastor)