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OUT OF MY MIND – You could depend on the women – 1st April

We are only a few days away from Easter. On Thursday (Maundy Thursday), Good Friday and Easter Sunday we will relive those dramatic events in the life and death of our Lord.


It makes an interesting study to look at those who were with our Lord in his last days.


There were the disciples whom Jesus needed to be with him. However, they were so tired they couldn’t even stay awake. There are times when we are asked to simply be with someone else – but because of fatigue we are unable to. And so with the disciples we are unable to be of help.


Then there was Peter – Mr. fix-it Peter. His way of helping Jesus was to go immediately into action. So he cut off the ear of one of the soldiers. He bulldozed his way in to help. There are times when others need us and so we bulldoze our way in with answers and instant solutions. It doesn’t work.


There were the other disciples – who seemed to feel that the best way to help their Lord was to keep out of His way. We don’t know where they went. They simply disappeared. They weren’t much help at all. Sometimes we too feel that the best way we can help is to do the same. Most times it doesn’t work.


However, there was a small group of people who appear in the gospels who did not say very much nor did that do very much – yet in my understanding of Scripture they were of great support to our Lord.


It is that little group of women. There were simply there. That was all they could do and Jesus knew they were there. And when we do go to such scenes and wonder if we have helped in any way, we hear the quiet words “You were there when I needed you.”


It’s called incarnation.


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