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OUT OF MY MIND – Why do kids keep asking questions. 13th June.

I have just returned from spending some wonderful days with my grandchildren. Please don’t misunderstand me – they are wonderful kids. However they seem never to stop asking questions. If I didn’t have to explain “why?” at least a hundred times a day – then I knew there was something wrong. It seemed everything that was happening around us evoked the question “Why?”

It set me thinking – I don’t ask questions with such frequency. Why?

It seems to me that as we grow the need to ask questions diminishes and the hunger to know the reason ‘why’ slips into the background. That to me is a pity.

Warren Berger has written a book  “A More Beautiful Question”. On the inside flap of the cover, are printed these insightful words . . . . .”Berger’s surprising findings reveal that even though children start out asking hundreds of questions a day, questioning “falls off the cliff” as kids enter school.  In an education and business culture devised to reward rote answers over challenging inquiry, questioning isn’t encouraged–and is, in fact, sometimes barely tolerated”.

It seems to me that we could be going backwards as we age and mature. We are told in the Bible that Jesus is the one who makes all things new. Maybe I need to ask him to make me more as a little child and restore to me that insatiable hunger to know “why”.

Blessings on you as maybe you also re-discover the excitement of having a giant sense of curiosity and re-enter the world of discovery.

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