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OUT OF MY MIND – My Mother’s Day Prayer – 9th May

O God we give you thanks for earthly parents, who become co-creators with you to give us life. We are especially thankful today for the women in our lives that gave birth to us, or adopted us. For all those mothers who sat up at night with sick toddlers in their arms, holding their head and wiping their nose, and say, “It’s okay, Mommy‘s here.”


Lord we pray for grandmothers who are raising their daughter’s children. And for daughters who are now mothers to their mothers. We remember too the women who didn’t become mothers, either by fate, or complications or by choice, and yet they still carry a passion for the welfare of children and families.


Lord we pray for single mothers, and mothers who are holding together blended families on a shoestring and a prayer. We pray for women who are having a tough time with motherhood. From our childhood days, we remember the mothers of our friends, who stepped in and filled a need when our own mom couldn’t. We give thanks for their hugs and kisses, for making our favourite food, for encouragement, understanding and patience.


Lord we ask you to heal the hurts that Mother’s day brings. Perhaps for a mother who has died; perhaps of a family divorce of a mother who has left us, or was been so busy she didn’t have time for us. Or perhaps an overly critical mother, who didn’t always help us in the ways we needed.


Lord, through all of this, we praise you and thank you for the women who have nurtured and loved us. Lord we lift up to you in a moment of silence the names of all the women who have been an important force of love in our lives. And we offer to you any hurts that may need healing.

In Christ’s name, AMEN.




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