OUT OF MY MIND – Dynamic Diversity – 23rd April 2015

Last evening (Wednesday 22nd April) I was delighted to be able to interview Dr. Bruce Milne, not only about his past experience but in particular about his writing of the book “Dynamic Diversity”.

As he answered questions that were posed to him, he clearly and forcefully stated his Biblical vision of the church as a “new humanity”. It is my personal conviction that Bruce Milne’s voice needs to be heard in a world where people continue to subscribe to that pressure to only associate with people ‘like them’. The church should once again return to the clear direction of the Bible and seek to demonstrate the richness there is in being “one family in Christ.”

The highlight for me was when Bruce Milne read the paragraphs at the conclusion of “Dynamic Diversity” – I have a dream – a dream of a congregation where people of all colors and from every ethnic identity find welcome, warmth, dignity and a sense of belonging. . . .”

It may not always be easy, but we will continue to work at being “ONE” family in Christ.


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    Dan Fenell says

    Hello…..I am a missionary in Indonesia and would like to be able to contact Bruce Milne to obtain his permission to use one of his quotes as the basis for a book I am writing. Could you assist me how to contact him. Thanks.

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