Associate Pastor Job Description – Trinity Baptist Church

Spiritual Qualifications: (1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:7-9)

-A clear and wholehearted commitment to Jesus Christ with a mature faith and spiritual insight.

-A spiritually gifted preacher committed to evangelical doctrines.

-Called of God to serve at Trinity, possessing a servant heart, ministers to all the people.

-A pastor with a deep love for God, his Word and his people – a pastor who walks the



Personal Qualifications:

-Personable, approachable, a good listener and possessing a sense of humor.

-Good health – able to oversee and deal with the many ministries/responsibilities without undue stress.


Professional Qualifications:

-A post-graduate degree or equivalent qualification from an accredited theological seminary/college.

-A good command of both English and Mandarin {both spoken and written}.

-A good reputation from previous work or church assignments.


Principal Functions:

-To be a shepherd leader to the congregation with sensitivity to the church’s cultural diversity and all age groups.

-To oversee and promote the church’s programs assigned to you.

-Together with other pastoral staff to nurture the spiritual gifts of the lay leadership.



-Will be a caring and encouraging member of the pastoral team.

-Will intentionally seek to understand the culture and values of people of other ethnic backgrounds who are part of the Trinity family.

-Will promote the spiritual health of the congregation through corporate/private prayer, the ministry of the Word/Bible study. (Acts 6:4).

-Will be committed to developing the spiritual gifts of lay members through mentoring and training.



-Applications must be received by email or post no later than October 20, 2015.

-To be considered, an application must be accompanied by a letter of application or resume that provides information on the applicant’s experience in ministry.


Trinity Baptist Church, 1460 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., V6M 2R5

Email address: {Attention: Search Committee Chair}

(Approved by the Church Board, May 15, 2014)