Callum Jones

Callum was born and lived most of his life just north-west of London, England. He became a Christian during a Russian language lesson at High School in 1981 and was baptized in July 1982. When he finished seminary training at the London School of Theology in England in 1989 he pastored a Baptist church not far from his home town for over ten years. In 2001 he was invited to become Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church, Penticton, BC. Two years later he became Senior Pastor. In 2017 Callum became Senior Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church, where he especially enjoys Trinity’s rich cultural diversity. Callum comes from a rich musical background and enjoys playing jazz piano, though he wishes he’d practiced more when younger. He loves to meet new people, read, travel, watch movies, study theology, and explore how the Gospel of Jesus Christ relates to everyday life. In 2015 he and his wonderful wife, Catherine, welcomed a boy and girl into their lives: Dakota, who will soon be 13, and Skylyn, who is just 10. This year he and Catherine celebrate their twenty-ninth wedding anniversary. Callum holds a PhD in Western Canadian Baptist history. He is President of the BC Convention of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC) and CBWC board member.